• E-Cryptor

The Power of E-Cryptor

E-Cryptor provides a flexible enterprise-wide information lifecycle process


  • A collaboration platform for any and all users to easily access content
  • Simplify business application integration
  • Automated business level reports
  • Utilize the latest in cloud technologies to get alerts, notifications, and be able to defend all in the same interface


  • A secure platform to exchange sensitive data across your organization
  • Share information externally knowing that the files are protected no matter where they end up
  • Handle users’ data when they leave the company and ensure that no data gets leaked in the process
  • Optimized visibility of end-user and admin activity to streamline support and maintenance operations

Select one of the following

Dynamic Corporate Data Lifecycle

Dynamic Corporate Data Lifecycle

  • Encrypted or un-encrypted files can be uploaded to E-Cryptor and the content with be inspected for sensitive information
  • As users leave a position and/or organization, they are replaced by new users who may not necessarily be automatically granted access to content encrypted by or for their predecessor
  • E-Cryptor can, in a single operation, re-encrypt old files with a new permissions policy for the new user

Secure Platform Collaboration

Secure Platform Collaboration

  • Encryption policies may already be in place but E-Cryptor can alter them to allow other users access
  • E-Cryptor can protect a document with a permission policy for an external user even if it has already been protected by an internal policy
  • It also has the ability to restrict granular permissions and enforce a content expiration date, further limiting external access

Simplified Business App Integration

Simplified Business App Integration

  • E-Cryptor can be used at a systematic level to automatically encrypt. and decrypt files as they go into or out of applications
  • Implement the E-Cryptor at the application layer to decrypt content as it is archived or sent to a DLP application, which looks for sensitive information
  • Automatically encrypt content on download from non-Azure IP aware applications, such as Box or eDocs

E-Cryptor Datasheet: E-Cryptor

YouTube Video: E-Cryptor Overview Video

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