• E-Visor

The Power of E-Visor

E-Visor is the answer to your compliance and incident response needs


  • Critical information about the usage and configuration of Microsoft 365 services for visibility, security, and compliance
  • Validate your investments in technology are providing value
  • Automated business level reports
  • Utilize the latest in cloud technologies to get alerts, notifications, and be able to defend all in the same interface


  • Optimized visibility of end-user and admin activity to streamline support and maintenance operations
  • Will be able to focus on the entire Microsoft 365 console to help with product configuration, activity and, compliance
  • Manually prepare business, compliance, and technical reports


Track user adoption and login activity across the entire enterprise. Easily identify high amounts of potentially malicious login failures and obtain alerts and notifications on these events.


All classifcation and protection instances can now be traced to users and documents. Different reports related to files, platforms, and users can help find better ways to ensure that data is encrypted throughout environments.


Quickly find all the current information regarding the mobile device inventory within your company. Any application can be logged to see how employees are using their phones to better secure how devices are being used.


Connect into your Cloud App Security and Office 365 infrastructure to see how SaaS applications are being used throughout your company. By receiving notifications and alerts you will be able to monitor and respond to incidents in near real-time.

E-Visor Datasheet: E-Visor for Microsoft 365

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