Wherever you are in the decision to implement a new cloud-based technology, Synergy Advisors can help ensure that the right choices are being made. If you’re in the initial planning stages, we can provide our ADS offering to assist with understanding your unique environment and see where various solutions can create a better experience. If you’re in the deploying stage, Synergy can use its expertise to build a PoC or even help in a production level deployment of a solution. Finally, we have the equip stage. This is where Synergy can provide top-tier training and guides across a wide range of solutions for your organization.

Stages Offerings Description
Plan Events Synergy holds events which we invite people to attend so that they can learn more about us and learn more about a select technology.
ADS During this stage, we can learn more about your environment and showcase how solutions might benefit your organization. This is accomplished through the delivery of presentations and business requirement summaries.
Deploy Proof of Concept The PoC is where you can really get your hands on a solution and become more familiar with it and how it will interact in an isolated lab.
Pilot The Pilot offering is when we assist in setting up a solution in your production environment with a small pilot/test group and begin validating use cases.
End-to-end Production Deployment An end-to-end deployment is when we deploy a solution throughout your entire production tenant.
Remediation Plan This scenario is related to security technologies. It involves Synergy evaluating how safe your infrastructure is and then we provide a remediation plan if anything seems suspicious or unsecure.
Equip Adoption Campaigns These campaigns are when we work with you to help users become more familiar with changes that certain solutions will bring about. This can mean videos, presentations, webinars, etc.
Training Sessions at this stage will deal with training resources on how to use various solutions by running through test scenarios and operational tasks.
Workshops Our workshops about cloud-based technologies have helped tons of people get a jumpstart on how to use new tools in their day-to-day work.
IT and End User Guides Synergy creates custom guides for your users that are specific to your environment with screenshots and instructions on how to be effective with technologies.