Managed Services

  • Managed Services

The Problem

With more cybersecurity controls available than ever before, and a constant stream of new features and upgrades, it can be extremely time-consuming and costly to ensure that your organization is optimizing the security of your could platform. How can your IT department respond to threats, troubleshoot end user issues, and implement new releases according to best practices?

The Solution

Our Managed Services offering enables you to leverage cybersecurity experts to review and monitor your Microsoft 365 security and infrastructure, Azure and hybrid scenarios as well. We offer in-depth assessments of the deployments of your cloud applications and prioritized plans for improvements according to your unique security goals. Our consultants monitor end user activity through robust log analysis to provide reliable monitoring, incident response, and troubleshooting support.

Maintenance and Change Management
  • Overview
    • Management of security and productivity applications to ensure proper functioning and good health
    • Monitor for configuration changes and administrative actions on the platform
    • Support the adoption of security guidelines indicated for the client
  • Monthly Report Deliverables:
    • Incident Management
    • Requirements Management
    • Service Availability
    • Improvements and Recommendations
    • Relevant activities
    • Execution of the administration and improvement plan
  • Overview
    • Fine-tuning of platform configuration and service parameters to accelerate adoption, increase security, and improve end user experience
    • Design and implementation of continuity and disaster recovery plans to maximize platform availability
    • Present progress and improvement plans to find practical solutions or improvement opportunities in managed platforms
  • Deliverables
    • Recommendations for improvement
    • Relevant activities
    • Execution of the administration and improvement plan
In Scope
  • In Scope
    • Administration of the platform characteristics defined in the scope with the client
    • Change management with defined time agreements
    •  Analysis of the managed platforms at the level of security and proactivity in care and continuous improvements
Out of Scope
  • Out of Scope
    • Code creation
    • Script creation
    • Escalation with Microsoft
    • Synergy platform tests