• Advanced Data Governance

The Problem

Data is constantly growing now and more companies are holding onto old data that they do not need. In some cases, they end up holding onto former employee personal information. This can be quite dangerous in the event of a data breach as the company can be liable for that sensitive information getting out. These practices make it all the more relevant to have better data retention policies which would require system alerts proactive recommendations.  

The Solution

We understand the process of disposing redundant or irrelevant information quite well and with Microsoft’s Office 365 Advanced Data Governance it’s become simplified. Using machine learning, it is now possible to have policy recommendations around specific data in your environment as well as system alerts to detect unusual activity.

Offering Benefits
  • Automatic classifications and policy recommendations help you to understand which data is important throughout its lifecycle
  • Default alerts allow for easy detection of anomalies in the environment
  • Custom alerts can also be created for information relevant to your organization
  • Even on-premise data can be analyzed by Advanced data Governance which filter it and even migrate it to the cloud if needed