• Azure Active Directory Premium

The Problem

With thousands of users in your organization and any number of SaaS applications that they need to access to, it can become difficult to ensure their regular access. They might have multiple accounts to be able to access these various applications. This can of course lead to users calling the helpdesk to reset their passwords and even create potential concern for security leaks. Additionally, you may be relying on hardware on-premise to support the identities of your organization. In time, this can add up as a cost to constantly maintain this hardware.

The Solution

We recognize that supporting all the identities in your company can come with a multitude of costs. It is because of this that we suggest implementing Azure Active Directory Premium. This solution allows you to manage every single identity in your environment while also providing added security and enabling collaboration. All of this is accomplished through features such as Multi-factor Authentication, Single Sign-On, and Self-Service Password Resets.

Offering Benefits
  • Scalable identity platform provides additional collaboration opportunities across partner organizations
  • Conditional Access policies to ensure that only users who meet compliance can access sensitive corporate data
  • Multi-factor Authentication increases security for identities and access to corporate resources
  • Single sign-on provides users secure access to cloud and on-premise applications
  • Consistent access to applications and corporate information from virtually any mobile device
  • Self-service password reset and group management enable employees to easily reset passwords and send requests for access to directories without using the help desk