• COVID-19 Response

A message from our CEO,

The current public health crisis with COVID-19 has sent us all on an uncertain journey.  In our sector, we’ve heard from IT departments who are scrambling to quickly deploy, scale, and secure services that help users access resources from the safety of their homes.

We are here to help.  We’d like to present our recommendations and best practices in a series of webinars designed to help you deploy Microsoft collaboration and remote access services quickly and securely.  Please join us live to interact with one of our experts.  We will also post each webinar to our website for you to view at a time of your convenience.  These webinars are free to join and we hope they are an effective resource during these times.

Area Level Scenario Objective Date / Time
General 200



Successful collaboration in days of COVID-19

Learn how to get the most of the latest collaboration technologies to optimize your remote work effectiveness April 9th

4 PM – EST // 2 PM Central America

Area Level Scenario Objective Date / Time
Education 200-300

(Introductory/ Intermediate)


Transform your virtual classroom using the latest collaboration capabilities offered by Microsoft Teams

See how you can bring your classroom to the next level leveraging the latest collaboration capabilities for students and instructors Tuesday April 21st

1 pm PST – 4 PM EST

Enterprise Secure Collaboration
Area Level Scenario Objective Date / Time
Enterprise Secure Collaboration 250-300



Enterprise Secure Collaboration – Securing the remote workplace

Enable the latest collaboration tools in your organization empowering your employees to be more efficient collaborating in a secure manner using Microsoft 365 (Teams / Others) April 1st



Enterprise Notifications and Emergency Response Strategy using Microsoft 365

Learn how your organization can diversify and optimize your enterprise notifications beyond email leveraging multiple collaboration technologies provided in

Microsoft 365


April 17th

1 pm PST – 2 pm CST – 4 pm EST

Enterprise Services Resiliency and Innovation
Area Level Scenario Objective Date / Time
Enterprise Services Resiliency and Innovation 200-300


Secure Remote Work from anywhere

Modernize, accelerate and diversify your organization secure remote access strategy using

Microsoft 365/Azure

April 15th




Enable continuous Access to Critical Business Services

Optimize your infrastructure services providing a non-stop highly scalable infrastructure using Microsoft 365/Azure April 16th