E-Visor Release Announcement
Objective: E-Visor New Versions Release Announcement
New to E-Visor? If you are new to the E-Visor, it is a reporting tool, custom built by Synergy Advisors, to show the use of EMS services and configuration in an Azure tenant.  Previously, the E-Visor reported on the consumption and use of Azure IP-protected documents and related activities.  Administrators can use the tool to investigate a suspicious user, view overall usage of Azure IP, identify malicious attacks, verify Super User usage, and more.  The new release of the E-Visor extends reporting capabilities to additional M365 services:

  • General – Complete view of cloud identities, mobile devices, applications, and information
  • Identity Management – View details about successful and failed login attempts to Azure AD and Office 365 workloads, from any location and any device
  • Device Management – Full inventory and comprehensive activity reports show mobile device usage across the organization

We will also be adding Office 365 services soon!

Solution Overview The E-Visor solution provides advanced reports focused on the activities of end users, administrators, devices, applications, and information to help you to monitor and protect your sensitive assets and cloud applications. Check the connection schema here:

*Solution Now Available*

SKU/Capability Scope Reports Data Geo-location Notifications and alerts Advanced Directory Integration / Correlation
Basic One Workload General Report Local file Not Available Not Available Not Available
Advanced One Workload * General

Three Workload-specific reports



SQL Available Limited Limited
Enterprise All Workloads All Available Reports SQL or SQL with data warehouse Available Available Available
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  • Upsell opportunities
  • Existing customer with low consumption
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Synergy Advisors has created the E-Visor tool to automatically retrieve data provided by Microsoft 365 services and render the data in a series of reports, designed to show the use of Microsoft applications across user identities, devices, information and applications.  The E-Visor solution has been created and developed by Synergy Advisors and Synergy Advisors is the sole and exclusive owner of all rights in the solution.