The already known and loved E-Visor, now available as a Microsoft Teams Native App​

Find the E-Visor version that best suits your needs and budget

Entry features are the core foundation of E-Visor capabilities and are included in all the different versions:

My O365 profile

Exchange Online, SharePoint, One Drive for Business, Teams, Applications
Trial Version

    • Up to 100 users 
    • Up to 2 months



My M365 profile                                    SaaS                                                            All Entry Features + Cyber Security

  • Identity
  • Devices
  • Information Protection
  • My Apps
  • Threat Protection


Meetings                                    Hybrid [SaaS + Azure]                     All Basic Features +

  • Teams Meetings
    • Personal
    • My team [1 Level]
  • Meeting attendance reports [E-mail]


Productivity Analytics                        Hybrid [SaaS + Azure]                              All Essentials Features +

  • Teams Meetings
    • Personal
    • My team [3 Levels]
  • My Analytics
  • Meeting attendance reports [App]
  • Future meetings


End to end Service Usage                  Hybrid [SaaS + Azure]                                  All Standard Features +

  • Organization-wide analytics administration
  • Adoption
  • Behavior
  • Cybersecurity Per service analytics
  • Channels and Teams meetings details
  • B2B collaboration insights

E-Visor Basic

Empowered users result in less Help Desk tickets and faster support times shorter, meaning increased savings within the organization. E-Visor Basic provides each user with a 360 view of their own data and information, including the devices linked to the work account and much more, for self-services tier 1 support.

E-Visor Essentials

Focusing on collaboration and teamwork, being able to have a single-pane view of every meeting held, including the actual time spent in collaboration meetings and AdHoc calls. Including a “My Team” feature, managers’ tasks become faster and employees become able to justify how their time has been spent.

E-Visor Standard

Including geo-location services to Microsoft Teams’ activity, with an interactive and unique view for both employees and managers, making the experience of handling groups, their performance, and location in just one click.