Consent Process to Deploy E-Visor Entry/Basic


Let’s look at the basic install process for E-Visor for Teams Entry and Basic version. 

These versions do not require any Azure components installed on the customer’s tenant or any type of installation/configuration/set up beyond installing the application from the marketplace and providing admin/user consent for the application to read and return profile and usage data.

First, the application needs to be installed.  This can be initiated manually by the end user by simply installing the application from the marketplace.  It can also be initiated on an organization-level by the administrator.  After install, the user can begin using the application immediately.  Behind the scenes, our E-Visor SaaS service verifies the license required from Office 365.

There are two consent processes, one at the user level and one at the admin level.

1.Accept Requested permissions. Here we can see the end user consent process.  The application presents a list of permissions required to read the user’s profile and usage data and return it to the end user.  These permissions enable E-Visor to view data and display it to the logged-on user only.  Profile/usage information is not sent to other users inside the organization and it is not sent outside the customer’s tenant.  E-Visor does not store this data.
Once the user has accepted the permissions, E-Visor can begin to show information back to the
end user.

2. Enjoy the app. Here we can see the end user starting to use the solution.
The application presents a list of items which the user can start to visualize, from:

  • Personal Information
  • My Sign-ins:  history or issues with login processes, unusual behaviors, drill downs
  • My Office 365: information about Outlook, emails, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint and much more
  • My Team: info about his/her personal team members, direct reports
  • My licensing and Subscriptions

What happens if the Consent it not given?

If no consent if given, the data is not populated to the solution for the user to see it.  You may also need consent from the Administrator (Above right)

So, Log In, use your organization credentials and password.  The following screens will show up.

Review the Permission screen for data requested, the Accept the request.  The result: users can start seeing their data.  For additional data, the Administrator will also need to provide Consent.

And once the Administrator provides Consent, the process is completed, the full set of data appears.


1.Install app form teams marketplace. Here we show the process to install the application at an organizational level, by the Admin, rather than relying on the end user to install from the Teams marketplace.  This operation is quickly performed from the Teams admin center.

2.Grant admin consent in AAD blade. Granting consent at the administrator level is a quick process performed in Azure Active Directory.  The admin simply needs to find the application in the AAD blade and click Grant admin consent.  Admins can see the permissions required.  As stated before, we simply need read permissions to different M365 services to return the data to the end user.  No data is sent outside the customer tenant.  Data is not collected by Synergy Advisors.