• Architecture Design Session

The Problem

We here at Synergy Advisors, understand that it is difficult to break away from day to day operations, especially in the fast-paced, cloud-oriented IT environment. It should also be noted that it can be difficult to design a solution that will fit your environment without the proper knowledge of what will work and what will not. It can take time to learn about the solution and resources might even have to be devoted to simply ramping-up on the technology.

The Solution

That’s why our ADS offering provides a consolidated timeframe to help you discover how cloud based technologies can significantly improve the productivity of IT departments and users within your company. All this without having to push a resource to study a solution full time with no frame of reference for where to even start.

Offering Benefits
  • Bring value to your business with our Architecture Design Sessions:
    • An ADS generally consists of conversations spanning 1-3 days around use cases specific to the company’s environment and can be performed in person or remotely
    • We also optimize this time by using multiple delivery sessions with the principal stakeholders to prevent unnecessary hour usage
    • During this time, we will conduct demo showcases which immediately display the power and versatility of our solutions, giving you the ability to see how it can benefit your organization
    • We will also gain a deep understanding of your environment and find out the most efficient and cost-effective way to implement solutions that are right for your organization
    • Use cases that come up in our conversations will undergo validation in lab environments to ensure their functionality
    • At the end of our engagement, you will be given documentation explaining everything that was covered and how to move forward with the discovery in the Architecture Design Session
  • Business Requirements
    • Summary of driving factors to implement solution
    • Next steps regarding your organization technology
  • Solution Architecture and Design Presentation
    • High-level presentation about how the solution can achieve needs of customer
    • Synergy recommendations
    • Use cases