• Production Deployment Offering

The Problem

After validating the solutions fits your company’s needs, it’s time to test it in the production environment. This can be stressful, as no one wants the solution to cause any issues for users and change can sometimes bring about conflicts with other solutions. Additionally, the solution needs to be setup right the first time around to make sure that there is no need to backtrack and reconfigure major settings.

The Solution

This offering will allow your company to fully experience a production level usage of the solutions. For the time of the engagement, Synergy Advisors will help in designing and implementing a production environment in your company to support current users or the initial project community. It will also be extendable to future scenarios whether they are on-premises or in the cloud.

Offering Benefits
  • A production deployment generally consists of designing and implementing a solution over the course of 3-4 weeks within your company’s environment
  • This amount of time will allow Synergy Advisors to deploy the solution whilst also stabilizing it until it is fully integrated at the enterprise level for your company
  • We will also provide a large amount of documentation to continue to help set up the solution and stabilize it
  • These documents include a step by step Implementation Guide on how to deploy the specific solution as well as a step by step Operations Guide on how to perform common operational and administrative functions
Out of Scope
  • Detailed design document will be created at this stage
  • Each lab we create is specifically geared to function the way the customer’s architecture would in a real world scenario
  • Customization of solutions with additional coding or development
  • Implementation of third-party solutions as they do not integrate with the solutions we offer and end up being detrimental to the customer’s environment
  • High availability or load balancing components
  • Business Requirements
    • Summary of driving factors to implement solution
  • Solution Design Document
    • A complete description of the architecture design and supporting components
    • Explains details around the configuration of settings as they pertain to your environment
  • Implementation Guide
    • A step-by-step document outlining how to deploy the solution
  • Operations Guide
    • A step-by-step guide for performing common operational and administrative functions related to the solution
    • Why these functions need to be conducted