Managed Services

  • Managed Services

The Problem

With more cybersecurity controls available than ever before, and a constant stream of new features and upgrades, it can be extremely time-consuming and costly to ensure that your organization is continuing to optimize the security of your cloud platform. How can your IT department respond to threats, troubleshoot end user issues, and implement new releases according to best practices?

The Solution

Our Managed Services team enables you to leverage cybersecurity experts to review and monitor your Microsoft 365 infrastructure and security, in Azure and hybrid scenarios. We offer in-depth assessments of your cloud applications and deployments and help draft prioritized plans for improvements based on your unique security goals. Our managed services personnel monitor end-user activity through robust log analysis to provide you reliable monitoring, proactive and reactive incident response, and troubleshooting support.

Service Transformation

Management & Operation

To manage, control, and monitor the security of your service platforms, Synergy Advisors creates inventories of activities that are carried out on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and on-demand basis by our managed services personnel to achieve optimal delivery of the service.

Our Managed Services offering includes:

  • Cloud security feature management
  • Quality standards and parameters
  • Services and performance indicators
  • Management reports
  • Improvement recommendations and best practices
  • Relevant activities report
  • Implementation of management plan and improvements
  • Operational management activities

Synergy Advisors can help create the procedures or flows for each of the processes and responses.  We work with your organization to ensure that change management controls adhere to organizational policy.



Synergy Advisors can help define monitoring points and threshold adjustments for mounting agents and programs for platform services. These alerts can be automatically sent to the platform managers engineers for response.

The Synergy Advisors Managed Services team can:

  • Monitor critical end-to-end services, via proactive reporting, log analysis, and continuous observation
  • Service attention according to client needs
  • Remote/On-Site
Incident Response

Our Managed Services team can help with every phase of a security incident.

Detection and Analysis

An incident cannot be managed until it is detected, either by security tools or by performance of services.  We help discover incidents in your organization, which we analyze to determine origin, scope, profile of affected users, and remediation.


Identify and classify the type of incident that occurred and, if more than one incident has occurred, prioritize them according to severity.


Notify the appropriate parties and stakeholders, according to the established protocols and scale it for your solution.

Containment, Resolution, and Recovery: 

Applied strategies are sought to contain the threat in the shortest time possible.  Based on the information gathered during analysis, we respond according to organizational protocol.  We help implement measures to prevent the incident from spreading and remediate end users and systems.

Closure of the Incident:

  • Taking evidence to prove actions
  • Establish improvements to security controls and strategies
  • Impact closure report