Optimize Access to Business Applications

  • Optimize Access to Business Applications

Optimize App Access Using Office 365 Azure Active Directory (AAD)

Today, your organization requires a slew of applications (apps) for users to get work done. You usualy continue to add, develop or retire apps every day. Your users access these applications from a wide range of personal and corporate devices, different locations and in many ways. Your applications faces challenges like:

  • A complex Identity Infrastructure
  • May have limited resources for high availability and internal scalability

Also your applications are likely to use different types of authentications:

  • On-permises federation solutions such as Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
  • Active Directory such as Kerberos Auth or Windows Integrated Auth
  • On-premises web infrastructure like Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Cloud-hosted infrastructure like Azure and AWS

This makes it difficult to manage risk like cyber threats, increasing cost and making compliance more difficult.

The Offering

To ensure that users can easily and securely access applications, is important to have a single set of access controls and policies across your on-premises and cloud environments.

Azure Active Directory (AAD) –  offers a universal identity platform that provides your people, partners and customers a single identity to access the applications they want and collaborate from any platform and device. AAD has a full suite of identity managements capabilities which will standardize your app authentication and authorization.

When technology projects fail, it is often due to mismatched expectations, the right stakeholders not being involved. Planning your migration phases is important to the project strategy.

The phases of migration:

  • App Discovery and Scope
  • App classification and Plan
  • Plan your Migration and Testing
  • Manage your app in AAD and Gain Insights

Benefits of migrating app authentication to Azure AD

Manage Risk

Safeguarding your apps requires that you have a full view of all the risk factors. Migrating your apps to AAD consolidates your security solutions. You can:

  • Protect privileged user’s access to your environment
  • Improve secure user access to applications and associated corporate data using
  • Use the AAD multi-tenant, geo-distributed, high availability design.

Manage Cost

When having multiple Identity Access Management solutions (IAM) in place your organizations expends a lot of many in it. Migrating to AAD is an opportunity to reduce dependencies on AIM licenses and infrastructure costs. You can:

  • Provide secure remote access to on-premises apps
  • Decoupling app from the on-prem credential approach in your tenant

Increase Productivity

Security drive organizations to adopt Azure AD but also compliance which is a benefit of AAD too. You can:

  • Improve end-user Single Sign-On(SSO) experience
  • Leverage self-service IAM capabilities
  • Reduce administrative overhead by managing only a single identity for each user across cloud and on-premises environments

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