• Proof of Concept Offering

The Problem

Once you have decided on a particular technology to use that will benefit your company, it can be a struggle to get up to speed on what it is capable of doing. New updates are always being released as they continue to grow and evolve. Plus, you need to know how it will react in your environment in specific scenarios.

The Solution

Synergy Advisors can help by providing a staging environment/PoC to get you more familiar with the solution. We can recreate your environment and showcase exactly how the solution would work. This also allows for testing specific use cases and validating their usage as they pertain to your organization.

Offering Benefits
  • This offering can be 2-3 weeks long and can be conducted On-premises or Cross-premises using the cloud to enable users to better see the capabilities of the solution
  • Users can also decide to evaluate features within their environment or in Synergy’s own testing environment
  • All use cases can be validated in the staging environment so that users can feel comfortable knowing the solution will work properly for their needs
  • Since users will want to utilize the solution as quickly and efficiently as possible, Synergy Advisors will provide a Lab Guide document outlining how to perform a wide variety of tasks in the environment
Out of Scope
  • Synergy will not be providing any changes to the production or test environment
  • No detailed design document will be created at this stage
  • Each lab we create is specifically geared to function the way the customer’s architecture would in a real world scenario
  • No customization of solutions with additional coding or development
  • No implementation of third-party solutions as they do not integrate with the solutions we offer and end up being detrimental to the customer’s environment
  • Since this is a test environment we will not provide any product licensing, software keys, or physical hardware
  • Business Requirements
    • Summary of driving factors to implement solution
  • Solution Design Presentation
    • High-level presentation about how the solution can achieve needs of customer
    • Synergy recommendations
  • Lab Guide
    • A step-by-step document outlining how to perform various tasks in a lab environment
    • Specific use cases
  • Lab Environment
  • A set of virtual machines that is representative of your environment or access to Synergy-hosted virtual lab environment