Security Workshops

  • Security Workshops

The Problem

Moving to the cloud can empower your users to work from anywhere on any device while significantly reducing IT costs and infrastructure.  However, administrators are concerned with how they can continue to secure organizational information and resources in this new paradigm, and rightfully so.  But what mix of solutions and what design is right for your organization?


The Solution

We’ve built a series of workshops, developed by our world-class identity and security architects, designed to help you understand how Microsoft 365 and Azure services integrate to protect sensitive identities, resources, and information in your organization.   We help you develop a plan to design and deploy solutions, over both the short and long term, that make your organization simultaneously more secure and dynamic.

Available Workshops:

These are for an audience that would consist of IT security personnel and those with a knowledge level of 300+ to ensure that everyone can have a worthwhile experience.

To schedule a workshop with our team, email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Offering Benefits
  • Customized workshops focus on your unique use cases and security posture
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate in-person and remote audiences and varying workshop length
  • Discover how different identity and security services complement each other to achieve your specific goals
  • Hands-on experience as administrators and end users
  • Sessions are led by architects with real-world design and deployment experience, focusing on best practices and potential pitfalls
Out of Scope
  • Configuration changes in customer tenant
  • Detailed design of relevant Microsoft 365 services
  • Solution customization with coding, development, or third-party technologies
  • High availability, disaster recovery, or load balancing in lab environments
  • Presentations
    • Modular sessions delivered by experts with in-depth, enterprise-level experience deploying Microsoft 365 services at Fortune 500 companies
    • Discussions around deployment scenarios, advanced scenarios, and best practices
  • Hands-on Lab
    • Deploy the solutions in a lab environment, experience end user scenarios, and learn common operational tasks