• Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

The Problem

Cyberattacks are becoming more common in the modern workplace. They are often the headlines in the news and are costing businesses millions and sometimes billions of dollars. One of the problems with most solutions to this issue is that they require additional hardware or even agents on your organization’s machines. All the time it takes to set up those defenses, attacks are rapidly evolving and growing to become more sophisticated. There needs to be a way to protect, detect, and respond to them immediately.

The Solution

Microsoft is offering one of the most advanced security tools on the market now. Windows Defender ATP is an agentless and cloud based security solution which will detect attacks as soon as they happen on a machine. The operating system now includes the sensors to provide this unparalleled detection speed. Its comprehensive tracking and monitoring tools also allow it to find abnormalities in your environment incredibly fast. After locating these viruses or attacks there are also options to take immediate action.  

Offering Benefits
  • Sensors are built-in to the operating system to provide a new level of detection speed
  • Microsoft has invested over $2 billion dollars in its cybercrime and defense divisions which utilize this same solution on over 1 billion machines
  • No additional hardware is required as Windows Defender ATP is cloud based and agentless providing a low impact experience
  • Detect zero day attacks immediately using advanced behavioral analytics and machine learning technology
  • With the unique attack timeline, it is possible to visually investigate viruses and how they have affected machines