• Advanced Compliance

The Problem

If your company is working with international corporations or if you work in a regulated industry such as health or government, then you know how important compliance is. Employees and organizations need to keep certain data incredibly secure and controlled, so much so that a new level of compliance was announced called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation is mostly related to the EU and deals with protecting employees sensitive personal information. It is important to make sure that your company adheres to this regulation though if you ever plan to expand your business internationally.

The Solution

Synergy Advisors understands the complexity of compliance and how the process can be difficult to implement. However, with the years of experience we have working internationally we have become adept at helping companies of all sizes meet compliance standards. Using machine learning we can help you proactively setup policies, system alerts, and better evaluate data for retention or elimination.  

Offering Benefits
  • Compliance controls for data stored on-premise that can be filtered and migrated using Office 365
  • System alerts to identify compliance risks along with customizable alerts
  • Policy recommendations which improve the remediation process and control of data lifecycles
  • New eDiscovery capabilities to help analyze unorganized data in your environment
  • More easily process thousands of emails in the event of legal case
  • Your company needs to adhere to a Information Protection Certification, however “is difficult to know where to start?” you would like to be advised in which technologies or configurations may be used to achieve the goal.
  • Your company needs to implement an information control Certification but the progress has slowed, we can help you set an action plan to set things back in motion, and guide you on the conclusion of the process.
  • Contact Synergy Advisors for adicional details: info@synergyadvisors.biz
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