• Information Protection

The Problem

Corporate information serves as the lifeblood of every organization, but costly data leaks are frequently coming up in the news. Employees need to be able to access the proper data and resources of the company using mobile devices to enhance productivity, but also prevent the data from getting into the wrong hands. Organizations also need to have an easy to understand data classification structure to help employees see what data should be classified and how it can be protected.

The Solution

This is where the information protection solution and Synergy Advisors come in. We will work with you to classify, label, and protect your sensitive information against unauthorized access and misuse, utilizing various cloud technologies, allowing your company to securely access corporate data. This protection is persistent and will also remain with the data wherever it goes, even if it leaves your organization.

Offering Benefits
  • Employees are allowed to use their chosen device in the workplace while also accessing corporate resources securely
  • Files that are shared through email or cloud storage services can be protected
  • Secure collaboration is ensured by encrypting any file type and assigning specific read, write, and edit restrictions
  • Employees can track files and revoke access whenever they need to
  • Encryption operates at the file level and travels with the document no matter where it goes or how it is transported
  • As soon as a file is created, it can be classified in one click providing classification, labelling, and protection