• Microsoft Cloud App Security

The Problem

Many companies are starting to use SaaS apps to enable better collaboration between users. Even on-premise environments have users accessing SaaS apps on their devices through company Wi-Fi. Not knowing what data is going into cloud storage accounts or what information employees are sending over the corporate network presents some potential issues. Most network security solutions do not have the visibility needed to identify threats from SaaS apps or simply see if users are uploading data to the cloud.

The Solution

Synergy Advisors can help your organization gain better visibility into all the actions happening in your environment over your network and from any device. A new level of control is possible with Microsoft Cloud App Security as it can provide granular permissions and set policies for how data is used. By leveraging Microsoft’s threat intelligence research and behavioral analytics, abnormalities can be detected which will allow administrators to respond appropriately.

Offering Benefits
  • Simplified integration with Office which provides additional controls and policies to ensure your network is secure
  • Enhanced discovery allows for the detection of over 13,000 apps, all of which are categorized and scored with a risk assessment
  • Additional integration with other Microsoft solutions such as Azure Information Protection give added insight into the kind of data within your organization
  • Easily search for users or applications and take action on what is deemed secure or unsecure by sanctioning apps and suspending users