• Microsoft Intune

The Problem

More organizations are adopting the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) business model as smart phones and other mobile devices continue to advance in hardware and software. With all these devices though, it can be difficult to manage. Corporate resources are being accessed from potentially unsecure networks on phones and this is increasing the possibility of data leaks. The BYOD model can be beneficial for boosting productivity but it needs to be done securely.

The Solution

We understand the struggles that IT administrators face when it comes to enabling the BYOD workplace. Using Microsoft Intune, it’s possible to separate the personal and corporate information on devices. Even if your organization is purely using corporate devices, Microsoft Intune can ensure that they meet GDPR compliance standards and deploy company applications with ease. This is all accomplished in a user-friendly interface that enables employees to become more efficient.    

Offering Benefits
  • Employees can securely access corporate data and resources from virtually anywhere on virtually any device
  • Administrators can ensure sensitive information remains secure through remote locking, resetting, or wiping of lost or stolen devices
  • Policies enable the prevention of company data leakage by restricting functions such as cut, copy, and paste between applications
  • Mobile devices can be managed from the cloud eliminating the need to acquire costly equipment
  • Certificates can be deployed so that users can securely and automatically connect to Email, Wi-Fi, and VPN improving employee productivity
  • Microsoft Office applications are integrated with the technology and are protected through policies