• Threat Management

The Problem

According to Mandiant, the median amount of time that an attacker stays in a company’s network without detection is over 200 days. This occurs because current security systems are not equipped to detect abnormal user behavior. They can often provide false positives which is painstaking to sift through and the systems require extensive setup, management, and fine tuning to stay up to date.

The Solution

Our objective at Synergy Advisors, is to enable your company to identify these threats the moment they happen to ensure the safety of your organization. Cybersecurity must constantly evolve to keep up with technical advancements and threats and we help you stay ahead of the curve by giving you the tools to detect threats, adapt as attacks change, and act accordingly to remediate the situation.

Offering Benefits
  • Simplified, quick set-up leveraging Microsoft’s vast database of known attack methods and models
  • Machine-learning based solution recognizes normal user behavior to reduce false positive reporting
  • User credential monitoring and analysis to determine suspicious behavior or lateral movement
  • Consolidated reporting feed providing clear and concise critical issues for immediate remediation
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics
  • Windows Defender ATP