Learn how you can optimize security while maximizing collaboration in your organization using Microsoft Teams. We show you how to provide defense-in-depth to your users, applications, devices, and information in, and connecting to, Teams. In a series of offerings ranging from events and workshops to full deployments, our expert consultants help you understand the tools and best practices you can use to secure your collaboration platform. We help ensure that you are maximizing your security investments, show you how you can achieve compliance with Teams, show how you can secure your devices, and much more.


Explore the different ways you can secure your Microsoft Teams deployment in this half-day event featuring a series of modularized lectures taught by our expert consultants and focused on real-world implementations and best practices.

Teams Offerings – Event


Learn how you can increase your Microsoft Teams security posture with built-in security and compliance features and integrated Microsoft 365 services, designed to protect your collaboration platform while ensuring an easy and productive end user experience.

Teams Offering – Workshop


Our expert consultants work alongside you to evaluate the security of your organization’s existing or planned Microsoft Teams deployment.  We show you how you can optimize your implementation according to best practices and help you prioritize efforts to maximize impact and reduce cost.

Teams Offering – Assessment

M365 Assessment

Leverage our E-Visor solution to take a point-in-time assessment of your Microsoft Team’s security posture.  Review the current usage and configuration of your Teams deployment so you can identify potential areas of risk and opportunities for improvements, based on Microsoft’s Secure Score, industry standards, compliance adherence, and best practices.  Take away a prioritized action plan to ensure you are maximizing your security posture.

Teams Offering – M365 Assessment


Plan how you can increase your Microsoft Teams security posture in a 3 to 5-day dedicated Architecture Design Session (ADS) designed for a 300-level audience.  We help you understand your current Teams security configuration and how best to improve it across identities, applications, devices, and data.

Teams Offering – ADS


We help you design and deploy a secure collaboration solution based on Microsoft Teams and supporting Microsoft 365 and third-party solutions.  We evaluate your unique business requirements and collaboration strategies to recommend a solution optimized for security and a productive and intuitive end user experience.

Teams Offering – Deployment