Microsoft Teams Workshops

  • Microsoft Teams Workshops

In a series of modularized lectures and hands-on labs, our expert consultants help you understand the tools and best practices you can use to secure your Microsoft Teams platform. We ensure that you are maximizing your security investment, show you how you can use compliance in teams, demonstrate how you can secure your devices as they connect to the platform, and more.


Learn and experience how Microsoft Teams and supporting services can provide the best end-to-end secure collaboration environment to achieve your organization’s security, compliance, and privacy goals.

Hands-on experience in a pre-built lab environment helps you quickly assess the impact of a security feature on the end user, as well as estimate the administrative workload required.

Engage with our architects about how best to achieve your unique security and compliance requirements according to best practices while avoiding common deployment pitfalls.


Who Should Attend?

         Training Length:


1st line workers

1 – 3 Days


Information Technologies Professionals


Lectures Lab Exercises
Security and Compliance within Teams. Securing Guest Access in Teams.
Safeguarding the Device Examining Security in Teams.
Protecting Teams Against Advance Threats Understanding Compliance and Retention
Protecting the Data Teams & Advance Threat Protection.
Reporting & Responding to Threats Preventing Data Loss the DLP.
Securing the User’s Identity Reviewing Files & Activities with MCAS.

After these workshop Synergy will provide to you the following documentes for future references:
  • Lecture Presentations in PDF
  • Teams Security Hands-on Lab
  • Findings in compliance and Retention with Teams.