Program Description

 Windows 365 combines the power and security of the cloud with the simplicity and versatility of a PC. Experience the benefits of hybrid work scenarios, enabling your employees to work securely and productively from anywhere. 


Deploy Windows 365 and provide Cloud PCs to a selected group of users to evaluate its performance and benefits. 

  • Documenting design decisions, outlining remediation needs, and implementing necessary remediations. 
  • Executing the deployment of Windows 365 Cloud PCs. 
  • Offering Cloud PCs and associated training to selected users.

1. Planning: 

  • Confirm stakeholders and the pilot audience. 
  • Define key activities and align on timelines. 
  • Develop a detailed project plan. 


2. Enablement: 

  • Execute all remediation activities to enable pilot scenarios. 
  • Validate the setup and configuration of Windows 365. 


3. Growth: 

  • Plan to scale the pilot to a broader audience. 
  • Provide guidance for full deployment. 
  • Secure, flexible work environments. 
  • Increased productivity and collaboration. 
  • Simplified management and deployment. 

Eligibility Disclaimer: To participate in any of these programs, please contact us to validate your organization’s eligibility and determine the best option for your specific needs.