Zoom To Teams migration: Fast, easy, and ROI-Focused

The task of migrating from Zoom or other platforms to Microsoft Teams requires control over the calendar of all users, recurring meetings and the internal calendar of Zoom; only then can a fully manual migration begin.

What is E-Migrator?

E-Migrator is a Synergy Advisors solution that provides third-party vendor migration to Microsoft 365 and Azure workloads

What does the E-Migrator do?

  • Discovery of past and upcoming calls
  • Migration of past and upcoming calls
  • Date and time, and attendees
  • Invite’s body text
  • Migration of attached documents in the call invitation
  • Discovery and migration of call recordings (stored in the cloud)
  • Discovery and migration of chats
  • Discovery and migration of groups
  • Migration of participants
  • Creation of groups that do not exist in AD
  • Discovery and migration of channels
  • Migration of participants

How does E-Migrator work?

How to measure Teams adoption and facilitate decision-making in the post-migration phase?

Synergy Advisors complements your migration strategy and facilitate decision making with rich analytics from intuitive and complete PowerBi reports that you can use to:

  • Review Initial phased migration activities​.
  • Understand Post-migration analytics​.
  • Discover any continued use of Zoom in the organization.​
  • Remediate users missed in the migration​.

E-Migrator versions

• Future meetings migration
• Migration analytics
One-time Migration (per scenario)


  • Past meeting details (analytics)
  • Pas meeting recordings (MP4)
  • Past meeting chats
  • Future Meeting Migration


More than one migration (limited) 6-month Migration Period


  • Past meeting details (analytics)
  • Pas meeting recordings (MP4)
  • Past meeting chats
  • Future Meeting Migration


  • Existing Zoom groups to Teams Migration (structure) *
  • Existing Zoom channels to Teams Migration (structure)

3 Up to three migrations per user

E-Migrator Overview

Download the Zoom or other platforms to Teams Migration Overview

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