Modern Alerts, Notifications, and Responses for M365

What E-Vigilant helps you solve

Each help desk call, security event, and request for approval or assistance siphons time and money away from your organization. E-Vigilant helps you optimize the handling of end user-focused security and productivity events through automated notifications and response, directly in Microsoft Teams.  All organizations are different, but here are some of the ways E-Vigilant has helped organizations reduce IT-related costs while optimizing investments in Microsoft 365 technologies:

How do we achive this?

Business Driven Notifications

IT management is an essential part of all organizations, but not all alerts need to be processed by the IT administrators, who may not have the time or the context around the alert. Notify the right people involved in the incident:

Business Driven Actions

Build powerful workflows to automate action on security and productivity events through deep integration with Microsoft 365 and third-party applications, such as ServiceNow. Give end users and decision makers quick access to the key information they need and automate the process:

Seamless End User Experience

As a native Microsoft Teams application, E-Vigilant interacts with end users through a Teams bot, enabling a centralized process with the ability to customize end user options to address a multitude of business scenarios.