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Data Governance

Integrated information collaboration lifecycle

Optimized Operations

Intelligent alerting and notification services

Give your organization the power to discover, govern, protect, and report on your most sensitive information across Microsoft 365 services. E-Suite is a collection of four services, E-Visor, E-Cryptor, E-Inspector and E-Vigilant designed to help you discover, audit, and govern your most sensitive information and resources:

Investigate Users & Resources

Collects, parses, and correlates logs across Microsoft 365 to give you:

Improve Data Governance

Augment your Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) encryption policies to enable advanced scenarios:

Inspect and Protect Information

Scans data at rest to audit, discover, and secure sensitive information at rest:

Alerts, Notifications, and Responses

Intelligent alerts and notifications for Cyber Security, Compliance and Productivity

Highlight by interest area:


Data Governance

Optimized Operations​

M365 Enterprise
Analytics Services
Collects, parses, and correlates M365 logs over 160+ data points

[Partial: MIP/DLP reports]
SIEM export
Send data to specific security logs technology SIEM
Secure collaboration and access to sensitive files
Optimized process based on workflows
App integration
Unstructured data encryption and decryption via API
Extend Microsoft Azure Information Protection (MIP), providing content inventory across both Cloud and On-Premises

[Partial: NFS, OD4B, SP, SPO]
Data-at-rest protection
Scanning and encryption capabilities to analyze and protect sensitive data

[Partial: NFS, OD4B, SP, SPO]
Alerts & Notifications
Security alerts workflow for optimized approvals and actions

[Partial: MIP/DLP notifications only]

[Partial: Email notifications only]

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