Microsoft FastTrack Ready Partner

The Microsoft FastTrack Ready Partner [FRP] program is designed to help customers accelerate deployment and adoption of Microsoft cloud solutions while reducing implementation costs. At Synergy Advisors, we have been a part of the program for more than 5 years, even at the launch of the program when there were a limited number of partners invited to participate.  This means we have years of experience helping hundreds of customers with more than 3 million seats fully deployed on both productivity and security technologies.  We work in all segments, from small and medium businesses all the way up to Fortune 500 companies, across the United States and Latin America, helping customers use the FRP program to adopt Microsoft 365 services at no additional cost for eligible Microsoft 365 licenses.

The FRP program:

  • Accelerates deployment and increases user adoption of Microsoft 365 services; on average, FastTrack customers see a reduction in onboarding time of one month.
  • Builds strategic relationships between your organization, Microsoft, and Synergy Advisors.
  • Provides a full suite of best practices, tools, remote assistance, resources, and benefits to improve Microsoft 365 deployment and adoption success.
  • Offers a tested and repeatable process; take advantage of the best practices and lessons learned.
  • Helps reduce customer costs associated with deployment and training.

How can Synergy Advisors help you using this program?

Better together – Technical Expertise

  • Combine Microsoft resources with customized materials built by our expert consultants specifically for your unique scenarios and based on our years of real-world experience. Synergy works together with Microsoft experts from FastTrack to provide you with the best recommendations for your business and technical needs.
  • Open channel to key Microsoft product managers to provide immediate communications about feature requests, help accelerate deployment, and expand user adoption.
  • Confidence in your deployment partner; FastTrack Ready is an invitation-only program, so you know we have an extensive history of success, both as an FRP and beyond.

Beyond the basics – End to End Flexibility

  • Freedom to transcend core adoption use cases to support advanced scenarios and unique requirements.
  • An extensible support system to offer services beyond deployment, including migration, operations, long-term platform optimization, troubleshooting, and managed services.
  • On-site and remote efforts and ability to support an end-to-end engagement, across workloads and use cases.
  • In-depth training and documentation to support platform operations

FRP In Scope Workloads

The Microsoft FastTrack Ready Program supports a variety of workloads and technologies, based on your Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Synergy Advisors is here to guide you through your journey in the program and help you maximize business value. *

Productivity (Office 365)

You can use the FastTrack Ready program to help deploy and migrate to Office 365 productivity workloads such as:

  • Microsoft Exchange Online (EXO)
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online (SPO)
  • Microsoft OneDrive for Business (OD4B)
  • Microsoft Teams (Teams)
  • Microsoft Office Pro Plus (OPP)
  • Microsoft Yammer (Yammer)

 Security (EM+S)

The FastTrack Ready program can also help deploy security and compliance technologies from the Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) suite to protect users, devices, apps, and data, including the following technologies:

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium (AADP)
  • Microsoft Intune (Intune)& Microsoft Outlook Mobile (Protection via Intune)
  • New!Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS)
  • New! Microsoft Azure Information Protection (AIP)
  • New! Microsoft Azure Advanced Threat Protection (Azure ATP)

Available for customers with corresponding paid subscriptions.

Productivity + Security = Secure Productivity

We make security by default a key priority in every engagement, even those primarily focused on productivity solutions.

  • Office 365 and EM+S services provide your users with the productivity tools they need while securing them and their resources against modern threats.
  • Integrate with other workloads for a seamless user experience and more optimal security controls.
  • Manage your apps and team security with granularity.
  • Perform migrations and exchange files securely.
  • Our managed services team can help you operate, troubleshoot, and optimize your platform on a continuous basis.

Better together use cases enablement

  • With our end-to-end approach, we assist customers to enable workload-specific capabilities.  However, we go even further: we validate your end-users’ experience, based on a frictionless security baseline that achieves your security and compliance goals while preventing siloed efforts that can disrupt users and require redundant and costly end-user and admin training.
  • In the envisioning stage, we work with you to examine your cloud adoption strategy.  We help you understand how other Microsoft workloads can complement your deployment through additional security and an optimized end-user experience.

Adoption Optimization using Analytics

We do more than just deploy services; we can tell you where your adoption needs to improve in a granular manner including location, groups, and departments.

E-Visor – Adoption

  • We help report on the adoption, activity, and security of your platform using our E-Visor solution.
  • E-Visor drills deep, beyond the built-in Microsoft 365 reporting and high-level telemetry, showing you how and where your adoption is thriving and where it can use some assistance.
  • Robust logging and data correlation with additional sources.

E-Visor – Security Configuration Review

  • We compare the security and compliance of your configuration against Microsoft and Synergy best practices.

E-Visor – Security Activity

  • E-Visor helps uncover security threats and possible malicious behavior. This is critical when you embrace new services and implement changes to your processes and technologies; we help mitigate these risks by easily identifying and addressing them with our solution, across your M365 tenant.

The E-Visor product is another service that can complement your FastTrack journey. Click here for more information about our product and how it can help secure your organization.

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