New policies to arm your organization with the tools it needs to achieve your security goals.

Give your organization the power to discover, govern, protect, and report on your most sensitive information. E-Suite is a collection of three services, E-Visor, E-Cryptor, and E-Inspector, designed to help you discover, audit, and govern your most sensitive information and resources:

Our E-Suite services build on top of Microsoft 365 services, significantly expanding and integrating with the powerful identity and security features built into Microsoft 365. We designed the E-Suite based on our years of designing and implementing Microsoft identity and security workload deployments for enterprise organizations.

Investigate Users & Resources

Collects, parses, and correlates logs across Microsoft 365 to give you:

Improve Data Governance

Augment your Azure Information Protection (AIP) encryption policies to enable advanced and exception data governance scenarios:

Inspect and Protect Information

Scans data at rest to audit, discover, and secure sensitive information at rest: