Data loss prevention

Data Loss Prevention Workshop

The Enterprise Data Loss Prevention Workshop walks you through how you can use Office 365 Security and DLP to easily create policies that discover sensitive content wherever it lies in Office 365. You will also learn how to see the ways your data is being protected. Additionally, users will learn how they can prevent accidental sharing of sensitive content using robust controls.  Over the course of 1 to 2 days, attendees will learn how Office 365 Security and DLP features can make their organization more secure. Synergy Advisors expert consultants will also talk about best practices from their years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies around this topic. In addition, there will be conversations around better together scenarios with other Microsoft products and services as well as possible areas for integration. After the workshop is completed Synergy Advisors can provide further information around Architecture Design Sessions or Proof of Concepts.



Microsoft DLP Introduction

Overview of the session agenda and introduction to Office 365 Security and DLP best practices

Office 365 Security Best Practices 

See the different components of Office 365 Security and how these different components work together to identify security holes and further secure your Office 365 environment.


Office 365 Security Lab 

Review the Secure Score in your environment and see how the different actions in Secure Score will impact your score and improve your security posture.


Office 365 Exchange Online Security 

Learn how the Office 365 security features for mail flow and audit logging help administrators identify possible malicious or risky behavior in your mail environment.

Office 365 Exchange Online Security Lab 

See the behavior of the Office 365 Anti-Spam and Anti-malware policies in your environment. Review the activity and access in mailboxes from an administrator’s point of view.


Office 365 DLP

Learn how Office 365 DLP can identify and prevent the accidental sharing of sensitive information across your Office 365 environment.

Office 365 DLP Lab

Practice setting up DLP policies in your environment, review reports, and experience the actions Office 365 DLP takes in your SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and OneDrive.

Close Out/Review Learnings/Q&A

Recap on Office 365 Security and DLP