As a preferred Microsoft partner, Synergy Advisors provides services that help its customers achieve business and mission goals using Microsoft products. Through PAL, DPOR and CPOR associations, customers access various benefits that enable them to meet their strategic objectives, with the support of an experienced partner such as Synergy Advisors:

  • Get Synergy Advisors help on management, configuration, and support of Azure services.
  • Enhanced support and engagement from Synergy Advisors and Microsoft
  • Optimized usage and consumption of services, as supported by Synergy Advisors.
  • Supported management from Synergy Advisors to optimize customer usage for desired business outcomes.
  • Accelerate and drive success on Azure usage.

Use it for:

Modern commerce platform (Azure plan) subscriptions.

PAL enables Synergy Advisors to drive Azure customer success, as well as help them achieve business objectives and realize value in the cloud. This association helps Microsoft understand the service ecosystem and to refine the tools and programs needed to best support our common customers.

How to link to Synergy Advisors PartnerID with PAL

Use it for:

Enterprise Agreement (EA) subscriptions.

DPOR associates servicing partners like Synergy Advisors to a customer’s Microsoft cloud subscription. DPOR enables us to help you optimize the usage and consumption of services for desired business outcomes, as well as enhance support from us and Microsoft.

How to link to Synergy Advisors PartnerID with DPOR

Use it for:

Online Services Usage (OSU)-Modern Work and Security

Microsoft uses CPOR to manage customer and Synergy Advisors association in Modern Work and Security. This association is made by Synergy Advisors and customers are notified on what tenant and workloads were linked. Each of them can be associated with only one partner.

How to create CPOR association with Synergy Advisors