Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) is used for Enterprise Agreement (EA) subscriptions. It associates Synergy Advisors to a Microsoft cloud subscription. It’s the online capability to attach Synergy Advisors to a customer’s Microsoft online subscription. DPOR benefits the customer and also enables us to help customers optimize their usage for desired business outcomes. If a customer moves from EA to the modern commerce platform, DPOR status doesn’t move with them.

To link Synergy Advisors’ PartnerID, customers must grant access to their Azure resources by using one of the following options:

You must add Synergy Advisors as the DPOR each time a new subscription is acquired. Microsoft policy is that only the customer can designate a DPOR for their subscriptions. Discover in the following video how to link Synergy Advisors PartnerID with DPOR; use the Synergy Advisors PartnerID 3664167 for this process:

Frequently asked questions for DPOR association

The following are the customer benefits of adding the DPOR to the subscription:

  • Control of which specific partner you wish to designate for online subscription access and benefits.
  • Flexibility to change or remove a partner, as desired.
  • Enhanced support and engagement from Synergy Advisors and Microsoft.
  • Optimized usage and consumption of services, as supported by Synergy Advisors.

The administrator role, also known as the “owner,” is the only role within the tenant or account that can attach a partner of record. Service admins, coadmins, and partners who have been designated as delegated admins can’t change the partner of record.

We recommend assigning a partner of record to Azure subscriptions immediately. This capability is also enabled for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Business Central, Intune, and Enterprise Mobility Suite subscriptions in the admin portal for those services.

DPOR designation can be changed, added, and removed as many times as customers wish by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. Go to the Partner Information screen and select the delete icon.
  3. Select Yes when asked to confirm that you want to remove current partner information.

No, there can be only one DPOR designated on any single subscription at a time.

Partners with DPOR association to customer Azure subscriptions can access the following customer data.

  • Customer ID and customer name
  • Customer’s consumption/usage data
  • Subscription ID and name
  • Key subscription attributes such as start and end dates
  • Aggregated metered consumption/seat usage data
  • DPOR association date
  • Aggregated details of Azure services and seat-based workloads being used