M365 - Rapid Cybersecurity & Compliance Assessment

Our E-Visor for M365 analytics tool helps extend our security conversation past the theoretical to show you the actual usage and security position of your Microsoft Teams deployment using a point-in-time assessment. Our tool gathers activity across Teams so you can see the health of your Teams platform – even filtered down to the department or group level. We also gather the security and compliance settings of Teams and supporting services to show you your active security posture. Use our built-in recommendations, gathered from best practices from Microsoft and our years of consulting expertise, to help build a prioritized list of how to improve your platform’s security.

  • Full point-in-time reporting of user activities across your Teams platform, presented in a variety of visuals for a 360-degree view of your collaboration portal.
  • Robust drill-downs enable you to filter activity across user, department, group, device, domain, and more to answer specific and targeted questions.
  • Compare your configuration against industry best practices to easily identify strategies to improve your security posture.
  • Detailed views of the external users accessing your Teams platform, including the security configurations of the Teams channel, potential DLP violations, and more.
20% Lectures
40% Customer meetings: Findings review and knowledge transfer
40% Findings and recommendations document
After the M365 assessment, Synergy will deliver the following documents:
  • Lecture presentation in PDF.
  • Findings and recommendations presentation report in PDF.
  • 1 customer [Production] Tenant Review [1-month access to E-Visor for M365 analytics tool]