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Microsoft Teams Deployment

We help you design and deploy a new or upgraded Microsoft Teams implementation according to your unique use cases, goals, and compliance requirements.  Whether you want to harden existing Teams controls within Office 365 or extend your security platform to integrate with additional Microsoft services, our architects work with you to design a collaboration platform uniquely suited for your end-users.  We work closely with you to increase adoption and optimize the end-user experience while delivering robust security and privacy features to protect your organization.

Implement key customer use cases around M365 focused on Microsoft Teams privacy, compliance, security concerns.

  • Application Conditional Access
  • Identity Conditional Access
  • Teams Configuration Hardening
  • Work Better Together
40% Design sessions, knowledge transfer, and use cases review
50% Teams productivity and hardening configuration + other M365 security components
10% Document deliverables accepted within the project scope
During the deployment Synergy will provide the organization with the following documentation:
  • Knowledge transfer and customer use cases.
  • Solution implementation in staging and/or production. Including up to 3 months of E-Visor for M365.
  • Document deliverables.