Secure Azure Resources with ASC

The Azure Security Center Workshop walks you through how you can use ASC to remediate security vulnerabilities and stay ahead of current and emerging threats with an integrated and analytics-driven approach. We go in-depth to detect actual threats earlier and explore methods to reduce false alarms. Synergy Advisors expert consultants will also talk about best practices from their years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies around this topic. In addition, there will be conversations around better together scenarios with other Microsoft products and services as well as possible areas for integration. After the workshop is completed Synergy Advisors can provide further information around Architecture Design Sessions or Proof of Concepts.



Azure Security Center Introduction

Overview of the session agenda and introduction to ASC integration points

Azure Security Center Architecture pt. 1

Learn about coverage, licensing, and onboarding with the security policy in ASC. Then review recommendations and secure score to see how to improve your security in your cloud infrastructure.


ASC Lab pt. 1

Explore your own environment in ASC, set your level of coverage for your subscription, set up your management groups, configure your security policies, and then review recommendations for your environment.


Azure Security Center Architecture pt. 2

Explore the recommendations further and the remediation process for these recommendations and how they affect your secure score. Learn how adaptive application controls restrict unauthorized applications on VMs. Review Just in time VM access and how this can provide access to VMs and harden them.

ASC Lab pt. 2

Take a deeper look at the recommendations section and each individual category. See what remediation steps ASC has with just a click and what scenarios have a more in-depth recommended remediation playbook. Configure JIT VM access for a VM in your environment.


Azure Security Center Architecture pt. 3

Review the Threat Protection aspects of ASC, specifically focusing on alerts, rules, and security maps that help detect malicious activity on your VMs.

ASC Lab pt. 3

Navigate the security alerts in your environment and experiment with generating alerts yourself with sign in activity or suspicious process execution.

Close Out/Review Learnings/Q&A

Recap on ASC and any outstanding questions

  • All of our sessions can be conducted online, remotely, or in a classroom to enable anyone and everyone to be able to attend
  • There are multiple levels of the sessions as well that can span from 2-5 days allowing any experience level to learn be engaged
  • Our content is comprehensive and questions can be asked at any time to Synergy Advisors’ industry experts to learn more about a particular solution
  • The inclusion of the hands-on lab will let users truly become comfortable managing solutions and help them better understand their capabilities
  • Detailed design document will be created at this stage
  • Each lab we create is specifically geared to function the way the customer’s architecture would in a real world scenario
  • Customization of solutions with additional coding or development
  • Implementation of third-party solutions as they do not integrate with the solutions we offer and end up being detrimental to the customer’s environment
  • High availability or load balancing components
  • Presentations
    • Modular sessions delivered by experts with in-depth, enterprise-level experience
    • Discussions around deployment scenarios, advanced scenarios, and best practices
  • Hands-on Lab
    • Deploy the solution in a lab environment, experience end user demos, and learn common operational tasks