Microsoft uses CPOR to manage customers and Synergy Advisors association in Online Services Usage (OSU)-Modern Work and Security.

This association is made by Synergy Advisors and customers are notified on what tenant and workloads were linked. Each workload can be associated with only one partner. Synergy Advisors and the customer must gather the following information in order to complete the association:

  • The Synergy Advisors’ PartnerID for the entity that makes the claim.
  • The customer’s domain name (For more information, see Find tenant ID, domain name, user object ID.).
  • The customer’s Directory ID or Tenant ID (For more information, see Find tenant ID, domain name, user object ID.).
  • The Solution area, such as Business Applications or Modern Work and Security.
  • The Activity performed by Synergy Advisors and the type of claim to make, such as Build intent – Advisor, Build with, Use or consume.
  • The customer’s Contact name, title, and e-mail address.
  • Synergy Advisors’ Contact name and e-mail address.
  • A Name (that Synergy Advisors create) for the claim.
  • The Products or workloads to claim.
  • Proof of execution (PoE), such as a statement of work signed by the customer. (You can also download a PoE template to use.).
  • For claiming revenue association only, the Dynamics solution seller name, Customer name, and Name of ISV product/solution.


Discover in the following video how to create a Synergy Advisors + customer association with CPOR:

Which partner role to choose for the association?