Sophisticated Azure Information Protection (AIP) encryption policies for advanced and exception scenarios.

Dynamic Corporate Data Life Cycle

  • Support the user lifecycle by changing AIP file ownership from a predecessor to a new hire, automatically and in bulk
  • Enable end users to request additional permissions in ad hoc scenarios, without requiring IT support
  • Grant secure and systematic access to sensitive files in compliance and legal hold scenarios

Secure Platform Collaboration

  • Securely collaborate on sensitive files with internal and external users
  • Support for robust granular permissions and expiration policies limit external user access to your sensitive content
  • Intelligent policies govern what kind of content can be shared with internal and external audiences

Simplified Business App Integration

  • E-Cryptor can be used at a systematic level to automatically encrypt and decrypt files as they go into or out of applications
  • Implement E-Cryptor at the application layer to decrypt content as it is archived or sent to a DLP application to discover sensitive information in encrypted content
  • Automatically encrypt content on download from non-Azure IP aware content storage applications

Manage who has access to your data, and how they are using it

  • Comprehensive reports enable security administrators to see who has requested permissions over what content to track where your sensitive information goes
  • Reports can be filtered by  physical location, departmental, network, and more
  • Revoke access to sensitive content if you discover risky or malicious usage