Compliance. Incident Response. Classification & Protection. 

  • Collects, parses, and correlates logs and events across  Microsoft 365  services and other data sources to provide a complete view of your cloud identities, devices, applications and information from a single pane of glass.
  • Simplifies the identification and investigation of risks in the organization.
  • Detailed error information enabling support to quickly diagnose and respond to issues.
  • Analyze the adoption of Microsoft services by the organization and evaluate the return on your investments.
  • Secure long-term storage of logs for analysis and trends.
  • Ingest information from geo-location services, Active Directory, and more for a complete view of your organization.
  • Notifications, alerts, and workflows provide a proactive response to suspicious events.
  • Review where is your information, who is using it, and from where.

General View 

  • Critical information about the usage and configuration of Microsoft 365 services for visibility, security, and compliance.
  • Validate how your investments in technology are providing value.
  • Automated business-level reports.

Users View 

  • Report on the activity of end users in the organization and their interaction with Microsoft applications.
  • Quickly review summary information about the sensitive data a user has accessed, company registered devices, location, login activity, and other Active Directory data without having to review audit logs from multiple sources.

Document View 

  • Enables administrators to investigate a particular document. An administrator can use this view to examine all users that successfully opened the document prior to the information’s release.
  • Reports on the activity of the Azure IP Scanner. As the scanner discovers documents, it automatically applies a classification to them.

Location View 

  • Enables administrators to understand where in the world users are accessing their content. The administrator may select these attempts for more detailed information.

Events View 

  • Review security events sourced across multiple Microsoft Office 365 dashboards in a single panel.
  • Report on the activities of administrators to discover configuration changes, including changes to the AIP Super User role, adding a new key, or changes to classifications.