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Synergy Advisors is your trusted partner in maximizing the potential of Microsoft’s FastTrack programs. We have been actively engaged in the Microsoft FastTrack Ready Program (FRP) for over six years, since its inception, demonstrating our commitment to empowering organizations across the United States and Latin America. Our extensive experience in deploying Microsoft cloud solutions, both in productivity and security technologies, has resulted in the successful deployment of over 6 million seats

Microsoft 365 FastTrack is the catalyst that enables organizations to work effectively and productively with Microsoft 365 solutions. This service offers remote guidance that assists organizations in learning, preparing, and deploying Microsoft 365 services swiftly and efficiently. Synergy Advisors is here to ensure that you make the most of this program and that your transition to Microsoft 365 is as smooth as possible. Together, we can accelerate your journey towards harnessing the full potential of Microsoft’s cloud solutions while reducing implementation costs.

These are some of our methodological approaches, focused on the needs of businesses, for a clean and swift adoption

Business Transformation

  • Assess current business state and identify opportunities for transformation while understanding the customer’s goals, challenges, and existing technology environment.
  • Strategized and developed a transformation strategy that aligns with your business goals, including identifying key technologies and solutions.

Technology Adoption

  • Adoption of new technologies and solutions, providing guidance and support to the customer’s IT members, as well as offering a development change management plan for a modest fee.
  • Driving usage of the selected technologies and solutions while optimizing current infrastructure, analyzing usage data, and identifying areas where the solutions can be used more efficiently and effective.

Customer Success

Synergy Advisors will help customers massify Microsoft 365 & Security and Compliance Workloads, providing the customer with access to the program resources and available tools to guarantee usage and while improving security posture.

Manage Services Available

Synergy Advisors Manage Services will help customers manage their transformed business environment, providing ongoing support and training, as well as monitoring the performance of the solutions and adjusting as needed.

FastTrack Ready Partner in scope technologies

Microsoft 365 & Security and Compliance Workloads

How can Synergy Advisors help you with this program



Managed Services

Better Together - Technical Experience

Enhance your business journey with Synergy Advisors, where we seamlessly integrate Microsoft’s extensive resources with tailor-made materials crafted by our seasoned consultants. These materials are specifically designed to address your unique scenarios, leveraging our extensive real-world experience. As trusted partners, we collaborate closely with Microsoft FastTrack experts to deliver the most fitting recommendations for your business and technical requirements.

Beyond the Basics - End-to-End Flexibility

  • Unleash your potential beyond basic adoption by seamlessly accommodating advanced scenarios and unique requirements.
  • Our support system is designed for flexibility and extensibility, extending its services beyond mere deployment.
    • From migration to operations, long-term platform optimization, issue resolution, and managed services, we’ve got you covered.
  • Whether you require on-site or remote assistance, our team possesses the versatility to support end-to-end engagement, spanning across various workloads and use cases.
  • Elevate your capabilities with our comprehensive training and documentation, ensuring your platform operations are well-supported and optimized.

Adoption Optimization using E-Visor Analytics

Our commitment extends beyond the initial deployment of services. We offer a comprehensive understanding of your adoption process, delving into the intricacies of your organization. With a granular approach, we can identify precisely where improvements are needed, including specific geographic locations, individual groups, and departments within your organization.

This level of detail allows us to offer targeted recommendations and solutions to enhance adoption across your entire enterprise, ensuring that every facet of your organization is supported and optimized.

  • Our E-Visor solution empowers you to gain comprehensive insights into the adoption, activity, and security of your platform.
  • E-Visor doesn’t stop at surface-level insights; it dives deep beyond the standard Microsoft 365 reporting and high-level telemetry. It provides a nuanced view of where your adoption is flourishing and where it requires further support.
  • We bolster our analysis with robust logging and data correlation from additional sources, ensuring a more thorough and accurate understanding of your platform’s performance and security.

Our comprehensive approach involves a detailed evaluation of your system’s security and compliance measures. This assessment goes beyond mere scrutiny; we meticulously compare your configuration to the industry’s best practices, drawing from the wealth of knowledge offered by both Microsoft and our own Synergy experts.

By aligning your setup with these established benchmarks, we ensure that your system is not only secure but also fully compliant with the highest industry standards. This approach not only fortifies your defenses but also enhances your overall operational excellence, providing you with a robust and reliable platform.

E-Visor plays a pivotal role in uncovering potential security threats and identifying instances of malicious behavior within your system. This function becomes particularly crucial as your organization adopts new services and implements changes to your processes and technologies. We understand that embracing innovation can introduce vulnerabilities, and our solution serves as a proactive safeguard.

By swiftly detecting and addressing these risks, we provide an effective shield across your Microsoft 365 tenant, ensuring that the integrity of your IT environment remains intact. This proactive approach to security allows you to navigate transitions with confidence, knowing that potential threats are identified and mitigated in a timely manner.

The E-Visor product stands as an invaluable addition to your FastTrack journey, offering a complementary service that enhances the security and efficiency of your organization. To learn more about the capabilities and benefits of our product, we invite you to click here  for detailed information on how E-Visor can fortify your organization’s defenses and optimize your operations.

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