Self-Service Teams training

Self-Service Training Videos

Native application running in Teams provides a streaming service for technology training videos and job skills enablement content.

Over 5,000 short videos provide recorded answers for Microsoft 365 “how-to” questions.

Users improve productivity by quickly finding the information they need, exactly when they need it. More 30 languages Cose Caption.

Improves Knowledge Retention

Training videos provide short, task-based information so users can apply their learnings immediately and actively retain their new skills.

Reduces Help Desk calls

”How to” related calls to the help desk are greatly reduced. Some organizations report a 60% reduction after deploying the training.


Task-based videos

Premium Trainings Lower costs

Provide Premium Training Content to Users

Learn what you need, exactly when you need it!

Configurable Learning Paths

Administrators can group training videos to create recommended learning combinations for users by job role or onboarding needs.

Includes Gamification Awards

Customizable award-based training models for users and teams. Monitor user activity and promote the advanced learners.

Videos Created by Tech Experts

All training videos were designed and recorded by Microsoft MVP’s on their focused technologies.

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