• Identity

The Problem

Maintaining control of how users access resources in your organization can be difficult. Users often utilize multiple identities to access applications and services across the company. Calls to the help desk for simple tasks like password resets waste valuable time and money. These issues limit the productivity of your employees.

The Solution

Synergy Advisors, recognizes the extensive identity challenges facing every organization and the high cost associated with the management of existing solutions. By centrally managing all the identities across the entire company while providing secure single sign-on to important applications and data you use every day, companies can enable simplified access for their employees.

Offering Benefits
  • Scalable identity platform provides additional collaboration opportunities across partner organizations
  • Multi-Factor Authentication increases security for identities and access to corporate resources
  • Single sign-on provides users with one identity for access to company applications across devices
  • Self-service password reset and group management enable employees to easily reset passwords and send requests for access to directories without using the help desk
  • Azure Active Directory Premium