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E-mail is, by far, one of the biggest risk vectors that organizations have, but which business or organization can survive without this essential tool?

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malicious emails blocked in 2020 by Microsoft Defender for Office 365

Do your end-users know if their devices are at risk?

What is your strategy for educating your end-users about security?

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of remote workers make choices which reduce security

Do you know where your sensitive data is?

Is your data aligned with security policies?

Do you know what kind of sensitive information you have and who is accessing it?

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of the enterprises say discovering where sensitive data resides in the organization is the number one challenge.*
*2021 Global Encryption Trends Study PONEMON/ENTRUST

Does your shared data comply with organizational policies?

Are the right people notified in real-time when sensitive data is shared?

Can you prevent sensitive data loss in real-time?

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of organizations transfer sensitive or confidential data to the cloud (encrypted or unencrypted)


Are you protected from identity threats with machine learning and artificial intelligence?

Is your organization aligned with a Zero Trust security model?

Are your users aware of their account security status?
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of CISOs report seeing an increase in phishing campaigns and identity fraud

*Microsoft Intelligent Security Alliance (MISA)

Is your organization able to control access to applications?

Is your organization able to control collaboration, and data repositories for all audiences accessing your data?
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rise in identity-based attacks in the past year
*Identity Threat Protection – Microsoft Intelligent Security Alliance (MISA)

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